Bed and breakfast Vincent

B&B Vincent is an informative website

Sergio was clear from the start, his demands were:

  • Easy and autonomous management with the ability to insert new photos and edit text
  • Interactive map for easy visualization of the B&B
  • Chat service and phone number to receive reservation requests
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Fast loading to not discourage users in the course of browsing
  • A Curated template and with nice photos to show users
  • With curated photographs taken with professional camera
  • Elegant logo that succeeds in conveying the style of B&B Vincent.

Given the demands, we opted for a very stable and secure system, namely WordPress, and a very high-performance hosting.

Regarding the graphics, we started from the logo and its colors; the photos are taken by a professional.

Thanks to this website, Sergio has been able to save considerably on Booking (which remains an essential tool)

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