yuppiDay is a website dedicated to the study of the English Language and it’s divided into the sales of a comprehensive video course and a well-structured blog area.

Domenico was looking for a website with a style similar to social network pinterest and with the ability to easily post: blog articles, images, image galleries, quotes and videos.

The website had to have bright colors, to be graphically very appealing, and to be able to target young people.

In addition, Domenico wanted to publish the English grammar with a quiz area for users, a dedicated newsletter page, and “smart” links for each topic (e.g., clicking on “present simple” was to display all relevant topics on the page).

The site also had to be very fast and optimized for SEO.

Domenico, in addition to the yuppiDay site, also entrusted us with the task of making a video course. This has been uploaded to udemy getting great satisfaction.

A really interesting project.

The results were not long in coming:

  • Online students exceeded 1,000
  • If you Google “majority comparative in English” yuppiday will appear on the first page!
  • About 15,000 users visit the site each month (the trend is growing)

Are you curious to see our work? Browse www.yuppiday.com